Weight loss: Diet SECRET of woman after she lost 5 STONE revealed to be this simple trick

WEIGHT LOSS can be tricky but this woman has revealed how she lost nearly five stone following a simple trick. The dieter posted her weight loss diet secret to Reddit.

A diet plan that involves one simple rule has been the secret to one woman’s stunning weight loss transformation.

The young lady, who posted her new look on Reddit, revealed how she did it to admirers on the social media website.

The 27-year-old women explained in her post under the user name “romanticheart.”

The redhead claimed that her method to her new look was “slow and steady.”

She titled the post: “Weight loss and hair gains! Slow and steady will get me there…eventually.”

The dieter has shed 66lbs or 4.71 stone during her weight loss journey.

During the past 10 years her weight has dropped from 16 stone to just over 11 stone.

How has she done it? The Reddit user explained all.

She said: “I’ve done a lot of different things over the years. Diet has always been calorie counting.”

Eating less calories than you expend in the day is the key to weight loss, according to many experts.

She also revealed what did not work for her, including one popular diet.

The Reddit user said: “Restriction diets like Keto and such just never work for me.”

In terms of exercise the committed fitness fan does a wide variety of workouts.

She said: “Workouts, I do everything from lifting weights to spin class to running!

“Pretty much whatever tickles my fancy. Currently I’m running Strong Curves and doing spin 3x/week and running 3-4x/week!”

Weight loss transformation before and after

Weight loss: Eating less calories than you expend in the day is the key to weight loss

Another man recently revealed how he got rid of belly fat in only eight months.

He revealed his weight loss diet in another online post.

Taking to Reddit, user robanders8 has revealed his weight loss journey, as well as sharing how he got rid of belly fat.

Posting before and after pictures to the forum, he revealed he is 30 years old, 6’3” and weighed 15 stone five pounds before.

But just eight months later, he now weighs 14 stone six pounds, and is sporting impressive muscle definition.