ChiChi and Papa brings a taste of Himalayan cuisine to East Lansing

The Keto Platter served at ChiChi and Papa Himalayan Cuisine photographed on Thursday, June 21, 2018, in East Lansing. The dish, featuring a choice of meat, keto pancake, greens, eggs and keto bomb, has less than approximately 4-6 carbohydrates.   EAST LANSING — Nestled between Wild Side Smoke Shop and China Tong on East Grand River

Here’s Why the Keto Diet May Hurt Your Athletic Performance

Low-carbohydrate, high-fat diets may help endurance athletes perform better, but team and sprint athletes may see a drop in their performance. Ketogenic diets are not just for losing weight. Many endurance athletes also turn to these very low-carb, high-fat diets to boost their performance. But athletes involved in high-intensity, short-duration sports might see drops in

Keto Diet – A Way to Improve Your Health and Stay Fit

The keto diet can be defined as a high-fat low-carb diet offering fitness goals and health benefits. Recent studies have proven that with the help of this diet, you can lose weight as well as improve your health to a greater extent. It also prevents diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. Use it in